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Model development process

Build and integrate component and software models

Electrification and autonomy are considerably challenging the Automotive sector. Through ViVID, we are providing novel multiscale,  co-simulation and purpose driven fidelity capabilities that  allow for cross-discipline optimisation, and lay the foundation to successfully tackle these challenges.

componenet models

component models


software models

Assemble models into simulations

Models are assembled into simulations for testing different scenarios. The simulations accelerate the decision making process at early stage of the product development.



Connect simulators and hardware

Models and simulations mature during the product development process. They can now complete further testing whilst connected to real vehicles or a human operated simulator.


Simulator in the lab

Towards a high-fidelity digital twin

This approach will pave the way for creating a digital twin of the vehicle (in this case a digital Transit van). Leveraging the data synchronisation with its physical counterpart,  the digital twin will be capable of accurately testing thousands of scenarios to improve the safety, efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

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